The GeekScholars Movie News podcast is a weekly audio show highlighting headlines, previews, and reviews from all across the film industry. Drawing on their personal, professional, and academic experiences (as well as their general geekery), the GeekScholars endeavour to deliver interesting analysis, debate, and banter about all things movie-related.

The Hosts


About Us - Fox
Fox’s core geek competencies are film, film, film, film, and film, with the occasional video game or comic book thrown in for variety. Fox is the Producer of GeekScholars Movie News, and truly the driving force of the podcast. In a more unofficial capacity, he’s the voice of eternal optimism on the show, whether he’s rallying his fellow geeks behind the scenes, or championing an underdog movie on-air. Fox also has the most history in the biz, having worked as a film critic and entertainment columnist for various media outlets based in the Washington, D.C. area for over ten years. From his experience, he’s gained an uncanny ability to guess which movies will do well, and with what kind of audience. His favorite part of doing the show is the conversational aspect—there’s little he enjoys more than a good debate on a worthwhile topic.


About Us - Chris
Chris is a geek of the TV, video game, science fiction, and bad puns persuasion. He got his start as a movie geek early on, working at a movie theater through high school, and so has an uncanny ability to recall the minutia of any film released in the early 2000s. His parents made sure he was raised on a steady diet of classic films, which means he often acts as the unofficial movie historian of the podcast. More officially, Chris is the Editor the GeekScholars Movie News podcast, assembling the weekly show. As such, he is tasked with wresting the most professional-sounding show possible from our very humble hardware and software setup, but as recompense, he has supreme power to decide who sounds like an idiot from week to week. His favorite part of doing the show is that it gives him an outlet to be creative and experimental, using both sides of his brain—something he rarely gets to do in the daily grind of his graduate economics work.


GSMN About Us - Jill
Jill’s geekery is of a more traditional, academic sort. After all, earning a doctorate requires a serious geeky love for sticking one’s nose in books. Science, engineering, and medicine are her areas of discipline, and she currently works as a pediatrician. This means that when a film plays a little too fast and loose with the laws of physics, or when a writer centers a plot around a medical impossibility, Jill is the one to take them to task. Having grown up in many different places, and traveled to many more, Jill’s role on the GeekScholars Movie News podcast is often to make sure that topics on the show get considered from many different perspectives. Also, let’s be honest; Jill is the ‘adult’ of the podcast—she’s our voice of reason, our danger warning, and our dispute-settler. Her favorite part of the show is getting to spend time with good friends, whether exploring a subject in-depth or just goofing off.


About Us - Lauren
Lauren is an eclectic sort of geek, to say the least—highlights include a serious obsession with Sherlock Holmes, a heap of useless knowledge about wine, and a blind faith in any and all British television shows. Due to her capacity for… assuming command, Lauren often serves as the podcast moderator, introducing headlines, judging competitions, and smacking the others around a bit when they stray too far from reality. She also serves as the podcast’s official pronunciation guru, making sure that the likes of Ralph Fiennes and Chloë Sevigny are safe in the hands (mouths?) of the GeekScholars. As a trained visual artist, professional pastry chef, and general creative-type, Lauren’s favorite part of the podcast is getting to know the creative process of filmmaking, and catching the smaller, quirkier films that are really advancing the art.